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Sorry, but I had to close the guestbook due to massive spam attacks.

Craig ( wrote on 2007-01-25 21:39:46

What an amazing collection! Thanks for letting us look at it!

Best wishes from London
Damien ( wrote on 2006-11-29 15:52:26

I bought you several items since 1 year, great, great, great, it's always a pleasure to deal with you and most of all a BIG pleasure discovering these very rare parts ! I'll buy you more and more !!
Always my really best regards from France, Damien (damalf_flat4parts/damovale53/oldflat4parts/etc..)
Bob Sowersby ( wrote on 2006-09-12 18:13:08

If anyone has any doubts about Alex and his material......please feel free to contact me. I have enjoyed knowing Alex and would recommend him to anyone. He is among the best in the hobby and it is my pleasure to know him.

Bob Sowersby
Keith Stammers ( wrote on 2006-09-10 09:11:09

Good stuff Alex. Hope to buy from you again!
Evert Tersiqo ( wrote on 2006-08-22 08:38:05

hi Alex,

Ich genieße es wirklich, Ihre Website anzuschauen

Könntest du mir helfen, jetzt suche ich nach HELLA FAN für mein '67 Beetle. Hast einen original HELLA FAN für '67 Beetle?

Ich suche auch einen Rückspiegel aber in der TagNacht Version, auch für '67 beetle.

viele Grüße aus Indonesien

Danke und viele Grüße, Evert Tersiqo
Charles V. Stancampi ( wrote on 2006-08-19 01:56:26

I enjoyed looking at your website very much. Please consider adding BMW accessories to your collection. I have a 1972 2002tii touring that could use some "rare" items!
Richard ( wrote on 2006-08-17 08:37:57

Hello Alex the site is looking good, i thank you again for the many wonderful accessories iv'e gotten from you, sorry i couldn't meet up with you at the classic, iv'e got a little one on the way and the vw has had to go on the backburner. Keep up the good work and i'll check back in once and awile.
GREG RIOS ( wrote on 2006-08-17 05:52:35

To One of my best friends,And My German Brother,Your Accessories are going to be on my Convertible.... Keep up the Good Work!
Ismael Aldahondo ( wrote on 2006-08-03 05:04:40

Hallo Alex:Nice to met you at the vw Classic since I made some transaction by Ebay I see you soon.Ismael(Puerto Rico)
Rick Spohn ( wrote on 2006-07-31 17:10:57

Hi Alex. Thanks for sharing all your neat VW stuff. I hope to see you in Germany next year. Say hello to the family.

Salvatore Scolaro ( wrote on 2006-07-31 16:49:56

Hello Alex,

It was very nice to meet you at OCTO and VW Classic. I admire your collections. I am a VW accessory collector and I just love to own rare accessory. I have a mini VW museum in my garage. I hope to meet you again someday perhaps in Germany.

Salvatore \X/
webmaster ( wrote on 2006-06-14 15:20:55

I would be happy to recieve feedback from you!